Storm Warning

by For Heads Down

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The first Full Length Record of " For Heads Down " !


released October 19, 2013



all rights reserved


For Heads Down Siegen, Germany

Strong influenced ´90 Punk/HC Band from Siegen,Germany

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Track Name: Fragments
i´m so dazed by routine
so confused
and all the living deads awake
the castles
our coffins
are so cold
so grey
we born in our daily-grinds
we born ourselves
wanna get out
scream our hearts out
escape this ratrace
but no one knows the way to

so we clip
and we hold tight
on our fragments of hope
to preserve it and protect it
so we clip
and we hold tight
our fragments of hope
the only way
to survive this maze

we bury our dreams
we bury our fears
every emotion got lost
in this timelapse – photography
the synapses been necrotic
or frozen to the bone
always searching for an answer
deaf and blind we get by
the shells without a soul

waiting for a spotlight
in the dark
searching for a crack
in the wall
that surrounds us all
Track Name: The Cell
face hits concrete once again
the dose knocked me out
like so many times before
i lose in the first round
the illusions mix with reality
chained to the ground
regardless i lose the bracket
and the world starts to freeze

the walls disappear so slow
colors become grey
a clear moment of thoughts
a rare experience
i deceived myself
myself again

wasted time
wasted blood
clotted in the brain on exile
that´s all i got
wasted time
in a cell
a shell without a soul and view
waiting for a chance
to be gone

the pictures starts to fade
forsaked by illusions
of a day
vomiting and choking
lying on the floor
a holiday in hell
what heaven was before

alive or just awake
would pay anything
any fucking price
the victim of my own weakness
i betrayed myself again
Track Name: Storm Warning
the shells behind us
these few months of trust
the deeper silence inside
singing just these songs of loss

we will carry on to stay
far away from the rooftop
the roots of the feeling that we hate

you will always fight against the trust I offer you
deep waters replacing waves
in a storm we fight against the walls
against them all who trust in the heal of time

the signs are clear
is this the end
a storm above showing its face
and no direction that is filled with grace

there’s no coast guard
there no chance to recover
you’ll never beat this struggle
if you try to get save
Track Name: Insomniac
three o´clock at night
three o´clock
and no notion why
i have gone yet
maybe the vanities of the joy
is the reason that holds me here
or my assurances
faith in me
to be nowhere different than here
in these strange days

to disappear
is it an option
if one thinks one would be able to fail
from itself to take a rope
to go the easier way
no worries
no weight
in cover hanging
to his destiny prove
no other way out this time

in times like these
isn't a lot what hope generated
so i hold every straw firmly
that guarantees myself
not to drown
in my own sorrows
to face the fear of a new day
the future that makes me
trembling and frightened
at the same time
to preserve
the faith
that all will go out well
heavier and heavier every minute
or take the rope
Track Name: Everything
facing every single morning
just these fears
i can’t escape this torture
that surrounds me
can´t coming back to reality
can´t authorize aid
and follow just these sad melodies
that pressing me down

i had everything
recognize means nothing
i couldn´t afford
to dreams
that seemed so real
i had everything
and burning all this pictures
to set me free
forget a memory

so I got to go
find myself in the mirror which is showing not my face
i stand in front of an enemy
who’s bearing my name
now everything seems clear
not the time for further tears
'cause no one is allowed
to determine the world you create
so leave this way
and you will say
it goes up again with these words in your head
Track Name: Deceiver
give me your heart
give me your soul
i will steal everything from you
all you got
who you are
and it doesn´t matter anymore
all your self-esteem
your independency
i will torn apart
with an inscere smile
its the state of art
like it ever was

if my madhouse breaks down
will you stand by me
awake from your beauty sleep
will you still be here
and eat the shit I serve
still believe in my words
or to be rudderless
but free

i´m the savior of my white little sheeps
a megalomaniac
just a deceiver
the only sheep in black
Track Name: Dead Weight
it will not be forever
and you know
that all your hope is gone
there will just remain one question
what went so damn wrong
i had show you light
and it ends up with fights
who will faster forget
all the “fabulous” times

they know it all
that I treat you like shit
i´ve always done
so wrong
and i know,
it´s all a lie
the truth of a liar counts more who cries and i…

will never find a reason to be what you need
while all your demons are fighting me
but even all your selfishness and lies
will never hide what you cannot deny

i never said sorry again
'cause the contact will spark
all the feelings you banned
if you really can
and its hard for you
'cause your eyes get through
me you just want to be
hard like that

you won’t kill the Engine
that´s beating in my chest
and will just feel the power
between all this mess
'cause after all
yeah after all
you´re dead weight
not more
not less
Track Name: Raindrops
collision Course
straight ahead to the edge
the edge of the world and beyond of it
egoism is the ram
trough the walls of reason
faster and exulting
in our bane

keep dancing at the top
´till the impact of knowledge
it hurts to dance on razorblades
the head already in
the cord made by our own
and it waits for application
the trapdoor

collision course
straight ahead into bane
still laughing on a back of a rattlesnake
more devotion against
the upcoming storm
and we lay down to asleep at the wheel

the calm before the storm
the first drop has fallen down
we will drown in our mistakes
no ark to save us all
Track Name: Best Before Date
turn the lights off
and come back to reality
just one more step to go
to resolve is the answer of a better time
you never got
you never got at all
and to determine that there could be more

a mask that is capturing the truth inside your heart
had change you fast

to be someone else
in a mass we’ll never know
please save yourself
its all about the truth in you, in you
nothing left to do
nothing left to do

you’ve never lost your trust
otherwise it hurts is all you know
start to compare this again
you will find a way
maybe it starts today
when your own reason
is to get free